Bak Kut Teh - 肉骨茶

Indulge Me

  • A traditional dish (known as Pork Bone Tea) common to both Malaysia and Singapore, this dish is prepared by Lan Kwai Fong's head chef as a homage to his roots

  • A herbal broth consisting of slow cooked pork ribs mixed with a sprinkle of cinnamon, star anise, tripe, mushroom and tofu
  • This dish is simmered for 8 hours in a clay pot resulting in a hot and delicious soup bursting with flavour and tender pork ribs

  • This dish is extremely limited and is made with unique ingredients

Best Served With

  • By itself


  • Pork Ribs, Pork, Tripe (Pork), Mushrooms, Tofu


  • This product contains traces of: Pork, Tofu

  • This product has been made in a kitchen that uses nut ingredients, eggs, and milk

  • This product is NOT Gluten Free

What size pouch should I choose?

  • This pouch only comes in one size and is best served for 1 person or shared between 2 persons amongst other dishes