Braised Pig Trotter - 脱骨圆蹄

Indulge Me

  • An authentic dish following a Guangzhou family recipe

  • This dish is braised in a special stock consisting of soy sauce, hoisin sauce, orange peel and Sichuan pepper resulting in an extremely rich and fragrant marinade

  • An extremely soft and tender dish without any bones

Best Served With

  • A bowl of steamed rice (we recommend Jasmine rice)

  • Su Xiao Lu's home-made Guangzhou Chili Oil


  • Pig Trotter, (Soy) Sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Spare Rib Sauce, Rice Wine (Wheat), Orange Peel, Star Anise, Cinnamon, Fennel Seed, Clove, Myrcia, Ginger, Dried Chillies, Sichuan Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Chicken Powder, E621


  • This product contains traces of: Soy, Wheat

  • This product has been made in a kitchen that uses nut ingredients, peanuts, sesame, eggs, and milk

  • This product is NOT Gluten Free

What size pouch should I choose?

  • This pouch only comes in one size and is best shared between 2 persons