Chick’n In Cantonese Sauce - 中式鸡

Indulge Me

  • A delicate dish consisting of plant based chicken

  • Stir fried with onions and served in a rich sweet and sour sauce from the flavours of oranges, apples and raisins

  • The perfect dish for when you are craving a nostalgic flavour and need something filling

Best Served With

  • Garnish with diced parsley

  • Serve with a bowl of rice (we recommend Jasmine rice)


  • Chick’n (Soya Bean Protein (60%), water, modified potato starch, soya bean oil, salt, spice, seasoning), Chinese spirit, tomato sauce, tomatoes, spirit Vinegar, sugar, apple pomace, date paste, salt, modified maize starch, spices, raisin paste, oranges, roast barley malt extract, lemons, onion powder, garlic powder, onions, flavour enhancer [E621]


  • This product contains traces of: Soybeans, Soy

  • This product is Gluten Free but has been prepared in a kitchen which may contain traces of Gluten

What size pouch should I choose?

  • This pouch only comes in one size and is best served for 2 persons