Chilli Miso Chicken - 香辣碳烤味噌雞小排

Indulge Me

  • Boneless skin-on chicken thighs glazed in a spicy miso marinade and cooked over binchotan charcoal for an authentic smokey flavour

  • Extremely juicy and tender pieces of chicken with hints of chilli and a spicy kick from the XO sauce and peppery sansho powder mix
  • An authentic dish prepared by the head chef of Junsei

  • This dish is perfect for when you want something full of protein without any rich sauces

Best Served With

  • By itself
  • A bowl of ramen or with rice


  • Chicken, Miso, Vinegar, XO Sauce, Soy Sauce, Red Pepper, Sansho Powder, Garlic, Kelp Powder (Crustaceans), E621, Soy Sauce (Soy)


  • This product contains traces of: Chicken, Soy, Crustaceans

  • This product has been made in a kitchen that uses nut ingredients, eggs, and milk

  • This product is NOT Gluten Free

What size pouch should I choose?

  • This pouch only comes in one size and is best served for 1 person or shared between 2 persons amongst other dishes