Creamy Chicken Spring Rolls - 印尼式 奶油鸡春卷 - Risoles X 5

Indulge Me

  • Known as "Risoles" in Indonesia, this is a traditional snack known for being similar to a spring roll

  • This snack is made from a thin batter coated in butter and flour giving it a crisp crunch
  • Filled with creamy chicken, this snack has a smooth and savoury taste with tender pieces of chicken, carrots and garlic
  • Defrost these in the fridge the night before and finish off by deep-frying for 8 minutes before consumption

Best Served With

  • By itself or with a sweet chili sauce


  • Egg (Egg), Sugar, Chicken, Flour, Butter, Milk (Milk), Garlic, Carrot


  • This product contains traces of: Milk, Egg

  • This product has been made in a kitchen that uses nut ingredients, eggs, and milk

  • This product is NOT Gluten Free

What size pouch should I choose?

  • This product contains 5 individual rolls to deep-fry at home