Crispy Egg Noodles with Medium Rare Beef Fillet - 牛肉炒脆麵王

Indulge Me

  • Egg noodles that are first cooked and then fried to become extra crispy

  • Accompanied by medium rare fillets of beef that are sizzled in a sweet soy sauce

  • Served with Chinese leeks and hints of ginger

  • This product comes in 2 pouches (the noodles and the beef). Simply heat up both pouches, plate the noodles and then pour the beef with sauce over

Best Served With

  • By itself


  • Beef, Ginger, Shaoxing Wine, Spring Onion, Oyster Sauce, Chicken Essence, Sugar, Light Soy Sauce, Dark Soy Sauce, Cornstarch, Fried Egg Noodles


  • This product contains traces of: Sesame Oil, Oyster Sauce, Gluten, Celery, Mustard, Soybeans, Sesame

  • This product has been made in a kitchen that uses nut ingredients, eggs, and milk

  • This product is NOT Gluten Free

What size pouch should I choose?

  • This pouch only comes in one size and is best served for 2 persons