Herbal Grass Jelly - 涼粉

Indulge Me

  • Made with Mesona Chinensis, a herbal plant from Vietnam - This dessert is a traditional delicacy from the Northern Mountains of Vietnam but made with no artifical flavours

  • Extremely light and tasty, this dessert is refreshing and chewy

  • Contains 7 essential amino acids, flavonoids and polyphenol to aid gut health, energy and mental clarity

Best Served With

  • Tropical fruit

  • By itself

  • Combine with Cha Dong's H.K Milk Tea for a unique and filling drink


  • Liquid extract from Mesona Chinensis Benth (45%), water (45%), sugar (7%), starch (3%)


  • This product IS Gluten Free and Vegan Friendly

Nutritional Information

  • 37 Calories per 100 g (total weight is 360 g)