Introducing Alta Foods v3.0

Alta Foods v3.0 is finally here and we are excited to introduce you to all the new features which are available to you now!

1. New navigation bar to help you search through our Alta Foods marketplace 

Our new sleek navigation bar lets you easily navigate our updated website under different subsections

2. Loyalty program to earn points, redeem discounts, free meals and more!


Once you log in to your customer account you will be able to open up the rewards widget at the bottom left corner of your screen. From here, you can see your loyalty account overview including how to earn points and progress tiers!



Earn Alta points whenever you make a purchase on our website! There are also additional ways to earn points such as referring friends, leaving reviews or following our social media.



As you spend more on our website you will progress tiers. Your tier level will also determine which rewards you can claim. For example, our Subscriber tier lets you earn 10 points for every £1 spent and allows you to redeem exclusive rewards such as gift cards, discounts, free meal pouches and even in-house discounts at some of our partner restaurants!

3. Quick add to cart function

We listened closely to our customers and when you told us how annoying it was going back and forth between adding items, well, now we have made adding to cart extremely simple and easy!

You can now quick view an item by clicking the " i " icon on each product in the top right to view it and either add it to your cart or build a box for 20% OFF included.

4. Build a box subscription plan


Our biggest update with v3.0 of Alta Foods is our Build a box feature. You can now easily build a box of your favourite meals and when you subscribe you will get an automatic 20% OFF each order.

Our build a box feature allows you to filter by protein, dessert or condiments. You can choose to subscribe every 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 weeks or you can simply purchase one time without the 20% discount if you like!

The best part about being a subscriber aside from the fact that you will earn even more points and rewards is that you will have complete flexibility over your plan. You can cancel or change the items in your box before each order, also allowing you to purchase some items which you may want to try out first on a one-time basis!


5. Taste quiz


And finally, we have a taste quiz which yourself or your friends or family can use. Take our quiz when you are unsure about what to order so you get a pre-made box which you can then adjust!

We are extremely excited for you to explore and use Alta Foods v3.0 - should you have any queries and want to get in touch simply click the blue speech bubble at the bottom right of your screen! 

Thanks for being an amazing Alta-zen :)