About Us

Alta Foods is a delivery platform which specialises in distribution and logistics within the food and beverage industry. We originated from a simple question that is, “why can’t restaurant meals be available as a ready-made means for home consumption?” And so, the idea to bring gourmet ready made meals to your doorstep was born.

You may think, but what’s the difference between Alta Foods and takeaway? Well, if takeaways are designed to be eaten on the day you order them, our products are designed to be consumed whenever you want.

All of our products are pre-cooked and pre-packaged so that they can be frozen until consumption. Freeze, Boil, Enjoy - it’s as easy as that!


Imagine this: It’s Friday night and you just got back home from work. The kids won’t stop asking you what’s for dinner whilst your boss wants that final draft sent to her before midnight.

Stress and panic kicks in.

We work in collaboration with established restaurants to produce scrumptious meals which are then packaged and frozen.

All of our Alta Food products are made fresh within sanitised, licensed and commerical kitchens.

All products are frozen using a special freezing practice which ensures that the flavours and taste are naturally preserved meaning no preservatives are used at all!

Health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and we pride ourselves on being able to provide pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals ready for your consumption whenever and wherever so long as you have a pot of boiling water.


Thankfully you remember that you have a Black Bean Chicken Alta Foods pouch stored in your freezer

What a relief.

If you are going to consume your Alta Foods pouch within one day of arrival, we recommend putting it in the fridge. If on the other hand you wish to use the pouch at a later date, then please place them in the freezer, where they can last up to 1 month.


You take the pouch out.

You boil the pouch for 20 minutes in water.

You cut the pouch open and serve it on a bowl of rice.

Dinner is served. The kids are happy and now you can get that final draft to your boss whilst sipping on a glass of merlot. #TGIF