Welcome to the Alta Foods marketplace

Welcome to the Alta Foods marketplace

Hey there - Lucas here from Alta Foods!

Currently, food delivery sucks but we are here to change that. From extremely high delivery charges, to random service fees, to missing items and cold soggy takeaways - we have all had pretty bad experiences with takeaways.

Cue Alta Foods...

Our marketplace aims to make quality food more accessible. We work with some of the most iconic eateries in the U.K including extremely talented home-cook chefs and help them deliver their delicious food nationwide!

If you live somewhere rural with limited access to quality food, or you live in an area where no one serves those authentic dishes you crave for, or simply you do not know how to cook you can now get ready made meals from some of the best restaurants in the U.K delivered to your doorstep. The best part - they all come precooked, prepackaged and can be frozen and reheated in 10-15 minutes. Freeze Boil Enjoy. It is as simple as that.

So, browse our marketplace, place an order to try out a few pouches and say goodbye to disappointing takeaways!