Kay Kay Ingredients and Allergens

Ingredients and Allergens (bold)

As Kay Kay's food is handmade in small, busy kitchens every day, they cannot guarantee that it is 100% free of any allergen. For all allergen information, please get in touch.

Dish Ingredients and Allergens (bold)
Chick’n In Cantonese Sauce - 中式鸡 Chick’n (Soya Bean Protein (60%), water, modified potato starch, soya bean oil, salt, spice, seasoning), Chinese spirit, tomato sauce, tomatoes, spirit Vinegar, sugar, apple pomace, date paste, salt, modified maize starch, spices, raisin paste, oranges, roast barley malt extract, lemons, onion powder, garlic powder, onions, flavour enhancer [E621]
Mock® Lamb in Agave Syrup Black Pepper Sauce - 蜜汁羊 Mock® Lamb (Isolated Soya Protein (61%), mushroom stem (18%), wheat gluten, vegetable oil (palm), sugar, sweetener, flavouring, salt, seasoning, flavour enhancer, gelling agent), organic agave syrup, garlic, shallots, yellow bean sauce (soy), black pepper, Flavour enhancer [E621], Fresh peppers, Corn starch
Shanghai Noodles with Five Spiced Tofu, Black Fungus & Shiitake Mushrooms - 上海撈麺 Wheat noodles (gluten), Soy bean paste, Fermented black beans, Five spiced tofu, Black fungus, Shiitake mushrooms, Mushroom sauce (Soy), Chinese pickled cabbage, Silken tofu, Fried shallots, Black vinegar, Sesame oil, Spices, Mushroom powder [E621], Corn starch